RhiGar Tour 2


The Carneddau mountains is also home to the wonderful and rare Carneddau Ponies (only 220 breeding mares in the world, rarer than the pandas!). They used to wander the whole of the U.K during the Celtic Age. Now the Carneddau Range is their last stronghold. This is a quick sneak peak, to understand, this area is their “Jurassic Park”- a place the ancient Welsh called “Lle i’r enaid gael llonydd” – A place where the soul finds peace.

The tour finishes on Garreg Fawr (Large Stone), a mountain with magnificent views over the Menai Straits and Anglesey .

Duration 9am-12p.m

Bespoke Full package tour includes description RhiGar Tours 1 & 2 (Duration 9am-12p.m)


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